About Howard

Casey Home Inspections, LLC was founded by Howard J. Casey at the beginning of 2007. Howard is a state and nationally certified Home Inspector and has performed over 7,000 inspections. He has a 50 year background in business, property repair, property maintenance and property management. Howard is a strong advocate of home ownership and believes in educating buyers about home maintenance. He feels that a skilled home inspector can provide a quality inspection without having a negative effect on a potential sale.



Casey Home Inspections, LLC

3203 N. East Street

Lansing, MI 48906



$300.00 Professional Home Inspection

*Includes a 30 page written report, Radon Test with Certificate, Pest Inspection with Certificate.


Home Inspections DO NOT include hot tubs, swimming pools, underground sprinklers, alarm systems, wood burners, city sewers, or well and septic systems.